Slide 3 of Leadership Academi Module 1

Oriflame’s Mission

Mission -- our reason for existense:

To Fulfill Dreams

Our mission is to offer everyone -- customers, Consultants and employees -- an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
Our ultimate goal is to become the world´s #1 beauty company selling direct.

Oriflame is proud of this Mission, and serious about making it happen for millions of people. You can be part of this Mission, transforming your life, going for you dreams in Oriflame, and helping others do the same.

Becoming #1 is a very challenging goal.

But Oriflame is facing up to the challenge, making substantial investments and providing the resourses where they will generate this result.

Oriflame has a unique position in the Direct Sale Industry which is why we are confident we will succeed.

You can be part of this goal. You can join in this success!
*Yensen groupFB March 28, 2012

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