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Oriflame has a Leadership Path.

The details of this path can be a bit different in different parts of the world, depending upon the size of networks and the development of the Leaders. 
But generally it follows a natural order arising in 7 stages. Notice how each stage builds upon the proceeding stages:

1. You begin as a Consultant by learning to lead yourself: From your Sponsor, Leaders and the company, you learn about the products, how to show the catalog, make recommendations, take orders, and serve your customers. You learn how to invite your friends to the meetings and events. You also learn to employ self discipline, time management and personal success principles, while you earn commissions on your personal sales.

2. Next you learn to lead another person as a Sponsor: When someone you invited joins Oriflame, you find you have valuable information to share. You can help them learn the business, and lead them to personal success. Soon you are sponsoring many people, and growing in rank, 3%, 6%, 9%. You begin earning a bonus check.

3. Then, as a Manager 12% to 18%, you learn to lead a team: You have attracted enough people to your personal group that you can gather interested Consultants to work as a team, and succeed as team. You teach your team to hold small group OOMs, demonstrations, and team activities. You go as a group to all the Oriflame functions. Everyone on your team benefits from the teamwork and synergy. Your bonus check grows.

4. Next, as a Director, you learn to lead an organization: By this time you have several teams in your personal group, which you now structure and lead to become an entire organization. You hold Oriflame Opportunity Meetings, trainings, larger events, and motivational activities which drive the success of this organization. Your bonus check grows even larger.

5. As your Managers split out and become Directors, you become Gold and Sapphire. This raises you to a new Leadership level. You not only lead your own organization, but you learn to lead Directors who are now Leaders of their own separate organizations. You take a higher position, coaching them, inspiring them, and sponsoring important leadership trainings. Periodically you organize all your Directors to hold large joint events, promotions and activities which inspire your entire network to success on an even larger scale. Now your bonus check becomes serious money!

6. When you reach Diamond, with 6 Director split-outs, you are reaching an even higher Leadership level, where you learn to lead your entire Network. You focus on the big picture. You work with the MD and Oriflame management to plan and coordinate overall strategy and large-scale activity. You have a strong influence on your own Directors and help them plan their destiny. You become a legend. You are a powerful motivator and inspiration to your whole network. And your check is at the level an executives in a major corporations. But you are not finished.

7. You can also continue to grow to Executive Director and above, and find yourself at an even higher level of Leadership – leading the Oriflame world. Think of the world-wide leaders of Oriflame, the Top 15. They attend the world-wide conferences, sit in counsel with the CEO of Oriflame and share in global strategy. They are invited to travel to many countries where they give seminars, consult with Leaders and motivate thousands of Consultants. They have an impact on many hundreds of thousands of Consultants world-wide. And many have the check of a millionaire. What would it be like to stand in their shoes. That is your destiny, as you climb the Oriflame Leadership Path.

Each stage in the Leadership Path has its skills and lessons to learn.
Each stage has its special challenges and rewards.

Congratulations, you have already reached the 3rd stage. You are a Manager.

Now it’s time to learn how to lead your team to success, and build toward Director.

And at the Manager stage, many Consultants first begin to see that Oriflame is not just a hobby, but a real business.

In fact, Oriflame can be your profession.
*Yensen groupFB March 28, 2012

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