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Oriflame’s unique industry position.

Oriflame has a unique position in the Direct Selling industry.

Can you see the wide distinction between what we call ”make money today” companies, and the ”fulfill your dreams tomorrow” companies?

One side attracts people who want to earn money now, but not Leaders who want to build a long term business.

The others, in contrast, can attract Leaders by offering the expectation of reaching their dreams if they build a large network -- but very few recruits actually make any money, and most leave discouraged.

In Oriflame, on the other hand, you can offer everyone the opportunity to earn money immediately AND at the same time fullfill their dreams. This is unique in the industry. (The companies on the other two sides all claim it, but if you scratch beyond the surface you will find that they do not deliver on this promise!)
And this uniqueness enables you to attract all kinds of people to your Oriflame business – people who just want to look great, people who want to have fun, and people who want to make serious money – to build a network and go for their dreams.

The majority of your recruits may only sell a little and save on their purchases for themselves and their family. Still this majority are very important because they and their customers create a large base that stabliizes your business.

Having a customer base outside your Consultant network is something the ”Fullfill your dreams companies” usually lack, making them unstable, rising quickly and then falling.
In contract, the ”Make money today companies”, as we said, lack the prospect of fullfilling your dreams; or they have very high personal sales requirements if you want to create a network – thereby you will fail to attract the serious people who want the freedom to build their own business and enjoy long term success like you. By the way, you also fail to attract those who just want to buy at wholesale for themselves and their family.

Make the most of your unique position!
*Yensen groupFB March 28, 2012

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