Slide 8 of Leadership Academy Module 1

Oriflame Leadership Path

How high would you like to go?

As you know, top achievers in Oriflame, Diamond Directors and above have advanced up the Leadership Path and are now making large bonus checks. The average first year earning of a Diamond Director is $ 45 600! And that is just the beginning.

But they all started the same way, the same as you – friend to friend – growing up the Leadership Path until they now have organizations of thousands of people. And they did it without a large capital investment, just a simple registration fee.

Compare this to purchasing a franchise. For example, a Mac Donalds franchise costs around USD $500 000. Not many people can raise that sort of capital. And even when they have the franchise up and running, personally they are making only modest profits. A Diamond Director in Oriflame in contrast has an income stream that already is larger than many franchise owners, and it contrinues to grow over time as their network continues to expand.

So, how high would you like to go? Director? Gold? Sapphire? Diamond? Double Diamond? Executive? And more?

The Success Plan is now your map to success! Make it your guide and resource.
*Yensen groupFB March 28, 2012

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