Slide 10 of Leadership Academy Module 1

Oriflame Values

You know the three core Values of Oriflame:

Togetherness: As we said, in Oriflame you have a business of your own – but you are never alone. We support and recognise each other. We work in teams, knowing that it is both more fun and rewarding to grow a business together with others.

Spirit: You know you succeed to the highest level in Oriflame with a fighting spirit. You never ever give up!
Being a leader in Oriflame is not always easy -- but it is very rewarding! Everything is possible!

Passion: You show passion for your Oriflame business – because you are having fun, making money, and going for your dreams.
This is a volunteer business. And when you are excited about it, others volunteer! You act as ”centre of positive energy” and show a positive and dynamic attitude and outlook.

Over time there has also been a development amongst successful Leaders of principles for running your own business. Let’s look at these in detail.
*Yensen groupFB March 28, 2012

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